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BMF Fin Welder

BMF Fin Welder 

for productive high quality
manufacturing of fin tubes

The most advantage features of the machine are:
  • high-quality fin pipes
  • high productivity (high speed, high
       duty cycle)
  • short adjustment time between
       product changes
  • operator training in few hours
  • one operator can operate two
  • no need for constant supervision 
       during welding
  • reliable steady worker

BMF Fin Welder can be used alone for highly productive fin tube manufacturing or together with BMF Panel Welder for flexible and productive membrane wall manufacturing.

Together both machines make an unbeatable manufacturing line. Separate fin tube manufacturing triples the output of BMF Panel Welder by making up to 60% of the total welds of the produced membrane panels. It also speeds up the output of BMF Panel Welder by making the assembly of the panels much easier and faster.