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BMF Panel Weldet with revolutionary "GATES"

BMF Panel Welder

Membrane panel portal with unique pneumatic side pressing devices and revolutionary "GATES".

Advantages achieved with the side pressing devices and the top pressing gates:
  • assembly of the panels is easier 
       and faster
  • excellent positioning of the
       components means quality welds
  • costly aluminium profiles under the 
       fins can be left out which speeds
       up the assembly and saves costs
  • lower operator skill can be
  • no more scrapped membrane
  • less repairs
Pneumatic drive accepts thermal expansions without any failure in positioning of the welding assembly

Further advantages achieved with a portal type of panel welding machine
  • it is possible to weld panels with pri-bent openings 
  • short adjustment time between product changes
  • it is possible to manufacture wide range of panel widths flexibly
  • all panels normally produced have side fins without extra work
  • needs less space than stationary machines
  • total machine investment is much smaller than with stationary
       machines with panel handling conveyors

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